The White House: Blue Room
from The White House is Our House
38.9276° N, 77.0356° W, EL 22.8600m

Second Sight Multi-Function

For The White House Is Our House, Second Sight Director of Software Development Ray C. Freeman III created a multi-media experience by highlighting hundreds of pieces of art, furniture, memorabilia, and other items in over 200 individual panoramas, tagging each with filtered information about the White House itself, the Presidents who lived there, the First Ladies and their Children, and the Art and Artists represented.

In this example, information about paintings, passages to other rooms, and direction and distant to nearby monuments are all displayed in the same view, using different symbols, colors, and pop-up locations to differentiate the information.

Second Sight can be installed as either a temporary or permanent exhibit, and updated as your information changes. Contact us to find out how Second Sight can enhance your guests' experiences by providing a fun, rich, and interactive way of perusing the information you have to convey.

Panoramic White House photography by Mel Curtis.